Joint Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association  and the Slovak Economic Association (NOeG-SES 2016)
University of Economics Bratislava, May 27-28, 2016

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Nationaloekonomische Gesellschaft (NOeG)
Austrian Economic Association

The NOeG is a non-profit society with the objective of promoting scientific progress in the field of the theoretical and applied economic sciencies.

In the field of the applied economic sciencies, the independed and objective analysis of the economic performance of the Austrian economy is a main goal of the NOeG.



Tony Atkinson (1944–2017), at NOeG 2014. An obituary (german) by Wilfried Altzinger.

Tony Atkinson at NOeG 2014 

NOeG annual general meeting 2017 – Website 

New publication: Klausinger, Hansjörg (2016). "The Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft (Austrian Economic Association) in the Interwar Period and beyond". In: Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology 34A, p. 9–43. doi:10.1108/S0743-41542016000034A002

The annual general meeting of the NOeG took place on May 27th and 28th in Bratislava in cooperation with the Slovak Economic Associationfand. An executive summary (in german language) can be found here.

Young Economist Awards Laureates 

The Young Economist Awards Laureates (f.l.t.r.): Johannes Boehm (Science Po), Makram Khalil (Uni Vienna), Christian Ochsner, Felix Roesel (LMU) and Pavol Majher (Uni Vienna; not in the picture). The awards were presented by Philipp Schmidt-Dengler (Uni Vienna) and Peter Mooslechner (President of the NOeG).

On April 6th, 2016 the NOeG hosted an event at the Vienna University of Economics and Business concerned with pluralism in economics (invitation letter). Renowned researchers from Switzerland, Germany and Austria discussed this highly interesting topic. A recording of the event can be found below, the keynote of Univ. Prof. Josef Falkinger in german may be read here.

Klausinger, Hansjörg: "The Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft (Austrian Economic Association, NOeG) in the Interwar Period and Beyond", Department of Economics Working Paper Series, 195, 2015